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FCJ-153 Multimedia Mixing and Real-time Collaboration: Interview with Sher Doruff about the development and use of KeyWorx, the Translocal and Polyrhythmic Diagrams

Sher Doruff  Amsterdam School for the Arts. Andrew Murphie  University of New South Wales.   Video: Interfacing/Radiotopia/KeyWorx (DEAF03)   Andrew Murphie: I am interested in your background, in how you see your own movement through the use of media. Something I find really interesting is your work with the translocal and the collaborative. I’m also interested […]

Issue 21: Exploring affect in interaction design, interaction-based art and digital art

The notion of affect does take many forms, and you’re right to begin by emphasizing that. To get anywhere with the concept, you have to retain the manyness of its forms. It’s not something that can be reduced to one thing. Mainly, because it’s not a thing. It’s an event, or a dimension of every […]